INTRO: Welcome / You have selected The LEGACY Album / Processing / Please select entertainment level / 150 / Error level may not exceed 100 / Level override / 150 submitted under dangerous caution / Please select mission / Inspire, Pop Culture, Style, Autographing Hearts, The Stage / Selected / Please select entertainer / Mike Star / Enter location / The Show / Clear Hallway B Mike Star is proceeding to stage / Dancers on / 24 seconds to curtains / Queue smoke / Do we have Mr. Star ready? / He痴 here in the pull and stage lift is up / And let痴 go people, this is gonna be a good one! VERSE 1: Lights cameras action / Im the main attraction / Everybody get ya tickets come out and see me (Now) / And lift ya hands I wanna see you go (Wild) / Go crazy go dumb imma move the crowd / Flicker take a picture / Paparazzi痴 with ya / No Facebook or Twitter / Please upstage the glitter / The flashing lights are going / I see ya bodies moving / I値l have you on ya feet I値l give you what you need from me CHORUS: It took a while for my arrival here I am / Let the music touch ya soul and make ya body stand / Enjoy the show / Have fun just loose control / Get ready here we go / My mic is made of dynamite I知 going off tonight VERSE 2: They roar like thunder and they clap like lightning / I知 kind of nervous but I知 more excited / Everything I dream about is right in front of my eyes / So amazing how they mouths are all synced with mine / The come from all over to get their monies worth / I give them my all every hook bridge and verse / The flashing lights are going / I see ya bodies moving / I値l have you on ya feet I値l give you what you need from me CHORUS (Ladies and gentlemen prepare for take off) / (As I) Take you on a ride / And open ya eyes / I値l give you the magic and make you loose ya mind / Just let me pour out my heart / And you値l be locked from the start / And watch me prove it all to you / I promise to make it so special / Whatever it takes make it fantastical / (Make it fantastical) / If you just give me a beat / Ill have you up on ya feet / (I値l give you what you need from me) / Wooo! CHORUS / OUTRO: All my life all i ever wanted to do was entertain / And now that I have the ability to do so / I知 going to take the world on the greatest roller coaster ride you致e ever been on / And that痴 not just a statement / it痴 a promise

INTRO: I want to make you feeldifferent / Let痴 ride VERSE 1: Oooo baby / You know you drive me crazy / I知 fighting in this competition loving is my mission so fight / (Round 1) / I致e got a present open up surprise! / (I知 done) / (Wait) / I致e got something else up my sleeve please PRE-CHORUS: I need you to bang it and stomp out the floor / Go crazy like you just been drinking lliquor / Cause baby I知 cold like refrigerator / Refrigerator? / Yea so please close the door / Cause it痴 a cold fire / And its so icy hot / Proceed to perspire / As the water goes drop CHORUS: Tonight / I知 gonna take you on the ride of your life / So hold the handle bar and baby just fly (With Me) / And glide (You値l See) / The sky (And we) / Can ride (On me) On my / Roller coast star / Jump on my roller coast star / My roller coast star / Jump on my roller coast star VERSE 2: (Go up and go down and, go round and go round and ,I知 thinking, I知 dreaming, I知 screaming, and help cause I知) / I知 sinking bout to choke (So baby) / Help me stay afloat this boat (Drowning) I知 such a mammal change the channel (Remote) (Turning) I致e got something else up my sleeve please PRE-CHORUS / CHORUS / BRIDGE: I wanna make you feel / (Like you are candy pieces) / Your cotton candy comes in handy get over my sweetness / Don稚 go nowhere I need you / Cause baby girl I breath you / (Ha, ha, ha, ha) / We lift our hands to touch the stars / And even the moon isn稚 so far / (I like it better when) / 3 is where we are / On the roller coast star / PRE-CHORUS / CHORUS / VAMP: We lift our hands to touch the stars / I知 thinking, I知 dreaming, I知 screaming, and help cause I知 / Coaster / I like it better when / Baby / Crazy / (Wait) / Floor / Liquor / Refrigerator / (Haaa) / OUTRO: I wanna make you feel different

INTRO: AhhhhGive me this mic / And let me break you down VERSE1: He was the guy / That always applied / Anything anyone every told him / His mother was rich / His father was sore / As in looser all the way down to the core / He had all the Jordans and never played ball / He liked all the girls that looked like a doll / And he had good looks so he dated them all / (When I say dated them all, I dated them all) CHORUS: Woooo X4 / He was the Prom K.I.N.G. / La-da-da-dee I S.I.N.G. / They killed him off like UH! R.I.P. / And now he痴 gone so D.E.A.D. / They killed the Prom KING / (He痴 not dead he痴 at home) / They killed the Prom KING / (No he痴 not / Yes he is, where痴 my thrown) / HEY! / VERSE 2: He had all the threads / His best friend had dreads / He shared all his juice and gave him his shoes / But still he just grins with a smile on his face / Knowing all of his friends stabbed him right in the waist / Gets all the attention when walking the hall / At all of the parties his back痴 off the wall / But the question at hand is just when will he fall / (Man forget this song, I知 going to the mall) CHORUS / BRIDGE: The moral of the story that nobody knows / Is I knew it all along so I L.M.A.O. / But they tried to pull a fast one right under my nose / But I smelled it when they cracked like a can of coke / The try to set me up and put me on a blind date / But the game was clear as day so I知 yelling checkmate / (And) I know you値l hear this song and think I知 just another teen / (But) I知 sorry that your wrong cause I知 the mother fucking prom king! / Uh! Let me out of this coffin / I知 not dead / I致e got another prom to make / The game is over / Now where痴 my date / And now they池e saying (SORRY!) / And now I知 yelling KING ME! Hahaha / CHORUS

INTRO: Let痴 go clap / Attention, I want everybody on the dance floor / Hey you! I wanna see those feet moving a little bit more / Are you ready? / Mike Star / Let痴 go VERSE 1: La-la-let痴 get this party started / I知 riding on magic carpets / I知 dancing looking retarded / Ya face looking like (Who farted?) / Cause of the vibrating speakers / Pump disco Tetris and beepers / And Adidas high top sneakers / In colors you ain稚 even think of because B-SECTION 1: (Ooooh) Move it to the left / (Ooooh) Shake it down to the right / (Ooooh) Throw ya hands up / (Ooooh) We can do it all night like / Nick knack paddy whack give a star a bone / Pitty pat kitty cat with an ice cream cone / Riddle this riddle that leaving it along / Cause if not bang pop gonna take you home CHORUS: Cause it痴 a git it party / Do it like ya birthday / Even on a Thursday / Drink it up you thirsty / Aye fellas (Yeah!) / Aye ladies (Yeah!) / Is it your birthday? (No) / It don稚 matter cause it痴 a get it party / Hey BREAK 1: Hello? / Yo bro remember they use to laugh at us? / Yeah, and they use to say we made video game music / Well I just called in the middle of your song to say they trying to make it to VERSE 2: Now I know you feeling this / Just like Diddy in a skirt I kilt it / Wana be the show? Give me mo and hurt it / Cause I know you like the way I / Work it B-SECTION 2: (Ooooh) Move it to the left / (Ooooh) Shake it down to the right / (Ooooh) Throw ya hands up / (Ooooh) We can do it all night like / Hit it hard like tat tat tat / Drop it low like pat pat pat / Bring it up to the T top, Tippy / Color it up like a G-Shock, Hippy CHORUS / BREAK 2: Uh / Right / yeah / I tell em get that girl, Rock that party get that girl (X3)/ Can you play the game? Atari CHORUS / BREAK 3: He made that beat / I made that beat / We made that beat / Get it / Stars. Space. Earth. The moon. / Hearts. Cakes. Burst. Ballons / OUTRO: Hey / Hey you / Give the drummer some / Uh

VERSE 1: Aye! / I知 dialing 481-0009 and Imma let her know exactly what is on my mind aye! / I saw the message and the number wasn稚 mine / Now he痴 the trending topic and don稚 need a number sign / Her name is Keisha and she gave me fever so it made it easy for me to, believe her / She stole the VISA maxed out with reasons / For me to pull her card / Swiped her feelings CHORUS: I knew you were wrong so I went out with Simone / Had to get you back look who has the last laugh / And now we池e even (ah-ha-ah-ha-yeah) / And now we池e even (Ah-ha-ah-ha-yeah) / So i知 cutting off my phone, don稚 even know it痴 home, the only you get is (leave a message after the tone) / And now we池e even (Ah-ha-ah-ha-yeah) / Now we池e even / (Ah-ha-ah-ha-yeah) BREAK: I know you know we even girl [4Xs] VERSE 2: Remember the time you hit the movies with ya little sister (Uh-ha) / Well I was there and I saw you with some other (Uh-ha) / A game of chess I moved you to the left (to the left) / And now your pound sign on to the next / I知 sorry Keisha now I gotta leave ya / You took my heart and crushed it into pieces / So now i知 sweeping (it up) / Gotta keep it (it up) / I learned my lesson so I gotta make it even CHORUS / BREAK / BRIDGE: She wanted to roam / No matter the cost / Try to get threw to you but your signal was lost / Your service was bad / Erased the pics we had / Right up out the iPhone / She even had a ringtone / Thought you were a grade A / But you tried to play me / Always had a plan B / I think her name was Mandy / She痴 sweeter than candy / I know it痴 not good to make a bad situation worse / But you started it first CHORUS / BREAK / OUTRO I知 dialing 481-0009 and Imma let her know exactly what is on my mind aye!

VERSE 1: I saw you shining like a chandler / Was so seductive babe, when your light hit my face / Strawberry lips whispered in my ear / You drew me in said that your love I would win / But I was in the dark / Was dealing with a shark / Never thought you壇 cheat / You cut me soul deep / I知 lucky to be alive / Gonna give up before I知 stuck for life CHORUS: Ohhh I gave you all my heart and you tried to play me / Risk everything I had now the jokers on me / Don稚 deal the cards again cause I won稚 play another hand/ Cut me loose yeah I知 running / Imma cash out, cash out / Taking my love away while I致e got some in me / Cash out, cash out / Cut me loose yeah I知 running VERSE 2: You always had an ace up your sleeve / I believed everything / Believed I was your king / My balls have dropped like it痴 New Year痴 Eve / Time to play rough baby I知 calling your bluff / (Oh) You mom痴 not texting you / (Oh) Always some other dude / (Oh) My friends your pics / (Oh) On Plenty of Fish / You told me it was your twin (was your twin) / But your dad said you don稚 have a sibling CHORUS / BRIDGE: Now your breaking down like a dollar dollar, Telling me you値l changed crying into my collar / Say you値l never lie to me again no / Or treat my heart like an ATM / Just like the first time I saw ya saw ya / I feel like I could fall right back to ya / But in a week everything would be the same Girl I知 done playing your game CHORUS

INTRO: Mike Star / O why VERESE 1: There痴 a girl that makes me feel the things I never felt / Take a ride with me no need to wear a seatbelt / Because your safe with me / Girl I値l be all you need / The apple of my eye / Won稚 let you out my sight / I知 no fool cause I know that there are other guys / Who are hungry and they wana feed they appetite / We got a common goal / But I want you the most / A challenge for cupid but for you its PRE-CHORUS: Pedal to the medal and I知 down for the race / Speeding for your love and I won稚 use the breaks / I ain稚 playing no games / This victory I値l claim / Girl your my main focus / So I cannot blow it / Now I知 on ya clock so there痴 no time to waist / Playing cat and mouse well I知 down for the chase / With no hesitation use my heart as navigation / And it led me right to you, my final destination CHORUS: Start 2 finish / It痴 you I知 feeling / I知 in it to win it / I値l do it all for you, I知 going hard for you / From start 2 finish / It痴 you I知 feeling / I知 in it to win it / I値l do it all for you, I知 going hard for you VERSE 2: (321Go) Get at her / Blasting off girl my love is so out of the planet / I know there痴 tons but your the only one I want / It痴 incredible, and I just want you know / That of I知 yours I won稚 go nowhere / Im so anxious to have you (you) / Do whatever I have to (to) / I知 just doing what I gotta do flyer than the rest / If you rocking with me girl, then your rocking with the bet PRE-CHORUS / CHORUS / BRIDGE: (321Go) Girl you know I知 down for the race (Aye!) / And you know I知 down for the chase (Aye!) / So give me your heart girl / And I知ma give you my all girl / Girl you know I知 down for the race (Aye!) / And you know I知 down for the chase (Aye!) / Nobody does it quite like me and I知 telling you (bring it back) / Quite like my and I知 telling you (I got ya back) OUTRO: Get ready, ready, ready set go [3xs] / I, oh I, oh why

INTRO: My love goes / Bang! Pop! / 234 / Uh / Oh / Yeah / Are you ready to play? VERSE 1: My love is like a paper clip (cool) / Just mold me however you want I値l be your instrument / Play me oh baby I値l be your favorite hit / At the top of the charts like a food element / Round and round like a carousel / I値l have you head over hills I値l be Jack you be Jill (baby don稚 spill the pail) / Because it痴 worth a mill / And it is filled with my love and you can稚 fit the bill / Bang! Pop! Pow! Boom! CHORUS: My love goes Bang! Pop! / I know you really like it when I Bang! Pop! / Girl can we I Bang! Pop!? / The speakers of my heart go / Bang! Pop! [2Xs] POST-CHORUS: Here I am (Ahhh-Ahh-Ah) / Take my hand (Ahhh-Ahh-Ah) / Come do my dance / I値l live for you, die for you / We both see (Ahhh-Ahh-Ah) / That it was meant to be / So after 123 / I want you do it do it give it to me (the best) / So imma start it over do it again (reset) VERSE 2: I think about you all the time / From hours to second to minutes you stay on my mind / I値l give you stars and hearts and you can be my Valentine / Just shower me with you love, let it run down my spine / Until it reach my Calvin Kliens / I want you to play with my band / Travel half way round the world until you reach Japan / The last stop of the tour is between the letter N and K / So be the opening act and just have a buffet / Bang! Pop! Pow! Boom / CHORUS / POST-CHORUS / BREAK: SeeI don稚 think you really understand that I知 giving you my love / I never really said it like this before but, I know you値l get / Cause to me your the perfect girl score 10 / Didn稚 get it when I said it before? I値l say it again / POST-CHORUS / Game over!

VERSE 1: Look here you致e got me out in the rain, and, I知 going insane aye / Just like a drug takes over my brain aye (the fame) / It makes me say B-SECTION: Ahhhh / Just like a mental patient, I知 so patient waiting, girl I知 waiting / Ahhhh / Been waiting oh so patient for your call I知 getting so impatient CHORUS: I致e gotta prove it / I致e gotta gotta prove it / It痴 the feeling in the music that makes me connect to you / I値l make it killer / If you give me a chance / I値l make it killer / Just put ya heart in my hands / It killng me [5Xs] / It痴 killing me, Ah it痴 killing me VERSE 2: See all my friend think it痴 just a game, and, you値l triple the play aye / My loves like blood it値l run threw your veins (it stains) / Never goes away, aye B-SECTION / CHORUS / BRIDGE: Now I lay me down to sleep / Thinking bout the joy and pain it brings / Cross my heart a thousand times / Promise to k-ill it is mine B-SECTION / CHORUS

INTRO: This is the finale guys let痴 make it count / Center stage spotlight on / Andqueue Mike Star! / VERSE 1: This is the end / It痴 over again / I知 feeling alone / I知 playing pretend / And this is the sound / That my heart makes / It痴 turning around like it痴 in a earthquake / (And my) swag is at 100 / You didn稚 see it coming / I never walk the city / I壇 rather say I run it / And still I put it all first / But who痴 gonna save me when it痴 my time to hurt / PRE-CHORUS: Oh / Does anybody hear me now / I知 screaming and I知 crying out / I知 getting kind of nervous / Tell me what is this about? / CHORUS: This is the curtain call / I知 sad to say it痴 over but I gave my all / Until another chance to see these curtains fall / If you feel me let the song play / Sing it if your with me aye / Let me here the crowd say Oh (Oh) [8Xs] The show is over [2Xs] / VERSE 2: But wait it can稚 be / I got so much adrenaline flowing all threw me / (And still I致e go so much more) You didn稚 get to see / (I deserve so much more) Don稚 you think? Cause see / I gave my girl / I gave my friends / I gave my money all of these years, I gave my blood (yeah) / I gave my fears (uh huh )/ But there was no one when I had tears / PRE-CHORUS / CHORUS / BRIDGE: When all the lights go down (lights go down) / Can稚 say a word, can稚 hear a sound / I took 10 steps back (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) / Just to take one forward now it痴 fade to black / Be strong (Ooo Be strong) / Hold on (Hold on) / Stick it out (Stick it out) / Move on (Move on) / And never give up fight it till its enough be number 1 / And beat it like a drum buddah-rum-pum-pum, buddah-rum-pum-pum BREAK: The voice is one of the most precious instruments / And to be able to use it to inspire is crazy in itself / But to be able to use my whole body to perform and entertainis one of the greatest gifts ever / PRE-CHORUS / CHORUS / OUTRO: And open doors upstage / Queue flair / Bring spotlight to an umbrella fade / Annnnd.let痴 get Mr. Star out off here / You致e done an excellent job people